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BroaMan (Broadcast Manufactur GmbH) will use this year’s NAB 2015 in LAS VEGAS to preview a vital new addition to its growing MUX22 series (at Bavarian Pavilion, booth C8831).

The company, which specialises in providing customised solutions for broadcasters with SD/HD/3G video transport requirements, last year launched the original MUX22 video, audio and intercom module. This formed a central part of BroaMan’s scalable and protocol independent philosophy, offering up to 16 3G/HD/SD-SDI I/O configurable video ports with built-in CWDM multiplexer (allowing multiple signals to be multiplexed over just one single fibre each).

Following the development of the MUX22 series via Intercom for RTS, Clear-Com and AES as well as IC444 (4 Line In, 4 Line Out, 4 GPIO), they have now produced the MUX22 MADI, making the platform compatible with the industry standard MADI audio format.

As with all MUX22 devices the new MUX22 MADI will support up to eight video channels with a selectable number of dual inputs and dual outputs; it is also equipped with a Sync Board for Video Tri/Bi-Level or Audio Word Clock sync, either with RS485 or GPIO ports, and can provide fibre tunnels for any third party products.

The new MADI board is populated with four duplex SC MADI ports, offering 256 inputs and 256 outputs, and each MADI port is fully AES10 compatible, offering 56 or 64-channel MADI I/O. The audio engine is equipped with a single channel router, enabling routing from/to any MADI stream, either within the same device or between the remote Optocore, BroaMan or ProGrid devices.

Said BroaMan MD, Tine Helmle, “The strategic importance of this product is that it will allow great benefit to the broadcast industry because with the digital audio option in addition to the analogue ones, it allows a complete and transparent video, audio and control transport solution based on open platforms. Therefore, any device from any brand can now be networked through MUX22, and any style video, audio, intercom, lighting or ethernet control. We have already taken first orders, including one from Denmon.”

The MADI implementation is bit transparent and passes third party control protocols. Also through the MUX22 environment, Optocore’s award-winning Mic Preamps can be controlled from many third party devices, either with direct access (e.g. DiGiCo) or through the company’s Emulation Modes (e.g. Lawo, Studer, Soundcraft, SSL and Yamaha).

Finally, Mux-22 MADI can be used as a point to point system with any other MUX22 device, or in a star or ring topology with Route66 devices as part of a larger routing solution.

The product will commence shipping immediately after the show.

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