Late last year, with the announcement of the Route66 Redundancy Manager, German network fiber giant BroaMan introduced the capability of full automatic redundancy switchover between devices, by harnessing the power of Optocore. This would enable switching between Route66 Video Router and Mux22 nodes — using smart mechanism to detect when one of the fiber links between the nodes is broken.

Now the same technology has been enabled in a very popular point-to-point system — between a pair of Mux22 devices. Mux22, which combines 3G SDI I/O and video sync, with Optocore and SANE digital audio networks, now also features full automatic redundancy. Thus should one of the links fail, the system would automatically switch to the redundant path, enabling all video, audio and data channels to remain working. The switchover time is near instantaneous — implemented in just one sample length.

MUX22 REDUNDANT Front panel

Now this facility is available for any Mux22 device – 16 video (IVT/IVT), 8 video and 8 intercom ports (IVT/Intercom), 8 video and 4 Line I/O (IVT/IC444), 8 video and 4 MADI (IVT/MADI).

Mux22Redundant Connection Example
MUX22 REDUNDANT Application

Stated BroaMan Technical Sales Manager, Maciek Janiszewski, “Optocore has been offering redundancy as a standard for years while in broadcast and video world redundancy has never been an important feature. All this changed when muti-format single-cable solutions like Mux22 appeared on the market. We realised we could use Optocore’s experience and smart fault detection algorithms for adoption into BroaMan’s best-selling series. Thanks to the Optocore technology we can make the redundant switchover both automatic and seamless.”

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