4vision carry out installation for major Polish broadcast facility

A member of Poland’s large ATM Group, ATM System is one of the country’s leading TV production companies, with a large fleet of OB vans and broadcast equipment.

The company recently commissioned a new top of the range UHD 4K OB van and 4vision, who have enjoyed a long-term relationship with the broadcaster, successfully responded to a competitive tender.

2019 03 18 1 TX
ATM Grupa's OB VAN

Having built an OB van for ATM some years ago, they acted as consultants, on issues ranging from coach-building, through equipment proposal, interior and technical design, to cabling and setup.

The OB has been built around 16 Sony HDC-4300 4K/HD cameras, and two LMP Cerberus 4000 miniature cameras, and is equipped to take an additional four wireless cameras.

A BroaMan system, powered by Optocore, has been specified to send video and audio signals to and from the field, for use by journalists and technicians backstage.

2019 03 18 2 TX
ATM Grupa's OB VAN - Broaman's Stageboxes

Local units include two BroaMan Repeat48 optical converters for video I/O, Route66 as fiber router, with TX and RX, and Optocore M8-OPT optical MADI switch for audio connectivity to the LAWO M56 mixing console via a GVG Sirius router.

In each of two video stageboxes there is a BroaMan Mux22-IVT/IVT (8 SDI IN/8 SDI OUT) multi-signal transport device and Optocore X6R-TP-8MI/8LO converter. This feeds programme audio to backstage for use with loudspeakers and/or commentary systems. It can also be used as backup for the audio stageboxes, if more I/Os are required, or needed for other locations. In the future, mic inputs will be controllable directly from the Lawo console via the Optocore / Lawo Special Mode).

2019 03 18 3 TX
ATM Grupa's OB VAN - Audio Control Room

However, the Route66 not only transports the signal between local SDI I/O from the Repeat48 and stageboxes, as 4vision project manager, Pawel Fila points out. “We also use LAN, two in each stagebox patch panel, for example with the Lawo VSM control panels. Each stagebox is also ready to connect their EVS control unit via RS422, and ‘dark fiber’ networks using the AUX connection. And so it handles nearly everything …”.

BroaMan provided full installation support to 4Vision — from system design to training. The new van will now be assigned to general duties, not only in Poland but beyond.

Pawel Fila confirms that the installation meets the client’s remit in full and the BroaMan and Optocore devices have functioned flawlessly.

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