Optocore and SANE networked intercom unit with optional HD/SD/3G-SDI video I/O and CWDM

BroaMan launches DiViNe V3R-FX-INTERCOM-SDI at InfoComm

BroaMan will be adding a new device to its DiViNe (Digital Video Network) product portfolio – which provides scalable, protocol independent, routing, repeating, transport and distribution of multiple professional video signals, such as SD/HD/3G-SDI, over optical fibre.

Complete DiViNe systems are built from a collection of modules that include coaxial and optical I/O, routers, repeaters, and optical multiplexers. Using the modular DiViNe building blocks, any system configuration can be specified and tailored to the requirements of the customer to ensure full cost optimisation.
Based around the Optocore V3R-FX-INTERCOM, the new V3R-FX-INTERCOM-SDI, which makes its debut at InfoComm 2012, has the capacity for up to six 3G/HD/SD-SDI inputs and outputs and a CWDM multiplexer (all contained in a compact 1RU device).

The unit is equipped with 4 x 4-wire RJ45 matrix ports – duplicated with reversed wiring so that either matrices or intercom panels can be connected to the unit using standard CAT cables, making cabling simple and cost-efficient. Each port can be used as an independently routed line level input / output.

The V3R-FX-INTERCOM seamlessly integrates into the Optocore Optical Digital Network System, and audio and control data from Clear-Com and RTS Telex user panels or matrices can be sent transparently through the optical network. Each intercom channel can be routed to and from every device on the network using the Optocore Control software.

The low latency, synchronous, Optocore network provides the capability of transporting, and patching, up to 1024 audio inputs into thousands of outputs over a redundant network. Additionally, the Optocore FX module includes 64 channel SANE audio ports on Cat5, four RS485/422 ports, 100Mbit Ethernet switch and a Word Clock input and output.

The V3R-FX-INTERCOM-SDI is capable of housing up to six SD/HD/3G-SDI coaxial video inputs or outputs that are converted to, and from, single-mode DiViNe optical fibre links. A video clock output module can also be installed in the device, the output derived from a synchronised video source in the system. It can also be equipped with a CWDM module with auxiliary fibre ports to allow for connection of external fibre systems, such as Optocore, to the CWDM module. Populated with SDI I/O and multiplexers at the time of manufacturing (dependent on customer’s specifications), V3R-FX-INTERCOM-SDI is equipped with a built-in redundant power supply with an automatic switchover.

Product Highlights

  • Intercom Matrix Ports compatible with Clear-Com or RTS/Telex
  • Seamless transport of audio and control data
  • Sample rates up to 192 kHz
  • Full integration into SANE and Optocore network
  • SD/HD/3G-SDI capacity
    6 SD/HD/3G-SDI ports
    4 simplex LC fibre ports
  • SD/HD/3G-SDI options
    Input with adaptive EQ
    Input with reclocker
    Output with reclocker
  • Optional CWDM module
  • Optocore module
    2 x Optocore 2Gbps ports
    2 x SANE/LAN ports
    2 x LAN ports
    4 x RS485/422 ports
    Word Clock I/O
  • Redundant power supplies
  • Full control with Optocore Acontrol software
  • LAN, USB and RS232 ports for configuration
  • Upgradeable internal logic
  • Comprehensive front panel status indicators