BroaMan has announced a new version of its Route66 video router, now offering AutoRouter and smart fibre patch bay.


This additional functionality is powered by sister brand Optocore, making it ideal not only for Installation (where there are multiple connection points, including mobile devices) but equally for Live Events or Broadcast.

The AutoRouter is compatible with Optocore and DiGiCo fibre loops, creating a redundant ‘star’ out of the advanced ring topology.

It was developed based on customer’s needs, especially in the installation market, where mixed ring/star or star topology is more desirable due to a star based fibre cable layout.

The Route66 AutoRouter automatically finds mobile and remote devices and closes the Optocore loop even when unconnected wall boxes are found. It always  switches the links automatically to establish redundancy. New I/O units or consoles are automatically discovered and linked into the system.

Route66 can also be manually set-up to create a smart fibre patchbay with the help of any software used in IT based workflow environments or using stand-alone software. Here it switches any protocol fibre streams, both proprietary ones like camera links, A-link, Hydra, CobraNet and standards like SDI, Optocore, MADI, Ethernet.

Set up as dedicated broadcast suppliers, BroaMan solutions are increasingly being found in the Installation market, including theatres, airports, halls and houses of worship.

States managing director, Tine Helmle, “This device is the only product in the industry which can route Audio Links and Networks of any format, including AES10/MADI. This makes it a perfect match for DiGiCo, Studer, Calrec, Allen & Heath, Yamaha and other premium console manufacturers.”