Route66 is a product family which allows to network all other BroaMan devices but also may be used with 3rd party products in multiple different application. There are 3 main versions of Route66: Video Matrix - offering ultra-fast switching of video channels; Fiber Patchbay - switching generic fiber protocols via software or 3rd party control surface; Optocore AutoRouter - automatically creates a ring network from star topology; Video AutoRouter - smart video patching based on stagebox connected. Additionally Route66 platform allows for customization, fulfilling even the most advanced requirements.

Route66 – Video Matrix 01 January 2011 – Route66 – 40x40 Standard

ULTRA-FAST SWITCHER – 40x40 SFP+ 4Gbit non-blocking router

Route66 – Optocore AutoRouter 01 January 2011 – Route66 – Optocore AutoRouter

INTELLIGENT PATCHBAY FOR OPTOCORE – creates an intelligent star out of Optocore ring topology

Custom Route66 01 January 2011 – Custom Route66

If standard Route66 options: Route66 Video Matrix, Route66 Fiber Patchbay, Route66 Optocore AutoRoute,
Route66 Video AutoRouter don't fulfill your requirement we are there to help.