IP Systems and Sony mastermind integration in Taiwan
A BroaMan point-to-point fibre comms network has been installed in a new OB truck for Public Television Service (PTS), a division of the Taiwan Broadcasting System in Taipei.

The equipment was provided and installed by BroaMan’s Taiwanese distributor, IP Systems.

Since PTS already owned an Optocore system, the jump to BroaMan, where they could convert data, 3G-SDI, HD and SD-SDI signals, was a natural one. Having provided the spec, IT Systems advised how an IP transport solution could best be achieved.

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They recommended two point-to-point systems comprising a pair of BroaMan’s versatile Mux22 IVT/IC444, which will carry multiple signals including 8 x 3G-SDI video, 4 x GPIO and 4 x SANE/LAN in a single duplex fibre cable. At each end there is an Optocore V3R-TP AD/DA converter for the SANE protocol, in both 8LI and 8LO versions.

According to IP Systems’ General manager, Paul Chang, this configuration allows AES, 12G-SDI, analogue Mic/Line In/Out and 4 Wire to be transported.

A pair of stageboxes, interfaced to each camera, are connected with a SMPTE311 cable, and are dedicated to transporting 4K signals with a Quad 3G port available on the MUX22. Digital audio, analogue audio and 4W intercom system from Clear-Com are also transported, with the network is connected to the master Studer Vista 1 console.


The new truck will be used predominantly to broadcast opera and other concert performances, and Chang says his company was selected by main contractor, Sony, partly because they offered better local support but also because they proposed the most complete audio, intercom and video solution.

The sub-system was commissioned by BroaMan’s Senior Applications Engineer, Michal Micka, who also provided full training on BroaMan and Optocore platforms and operating software, as well as an overview on the company’s technology.


Paul Chang said this had been a great help. “BroaMan helped us meet the budget target and also provided the 5-year warranty required by PTS,” he said. “Also Michal did an excellent job with the training and troubleshooting any problems. In fact, the training was almost too good, as PTS has now requested additional training to allow their different departments to learn this technology.”

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