BroaMan Media Converters are used to provide system I/O and conversion from/to fiber optics.
There are three types of Media Converters in the BroaMan systems:

Media Conversion

Electrical-Optical – where we convert from signals such as SDI on coax to fiber

Optical-Optical – where we convert from one optical signal to another. For example to transverse wavelengths or to regenerate the optical signal

Optical-Electrical – where we convert optical signals to an electrical interface (such as SDI or MADI coax)


Currently available Electrical interfaces:
3G/HD/SD-SDI – Multirate with or without Reclockers MADI-AES10

Currently available transceivers:
MADI – SM/MM Combination transceivers
100MB Ethernet SM or MM (or similarly coded 4b/5b signals)
1000MB Ethernet SM or MM (or similarly 8b/10b coded signal)

  • All fiber transceivers are available in up to 18 CWDM wavelengths/colours and up to 80 DWDM wavelengths/colours
  • Each fiber transceiver can be specified for different attenuation requirements (distance capabilities)
  • The SDI and MADI transceivers are custom BroaMan transceivers

Devices offering Media Conversion:
Repeat48, Repeat8, Mux22Route66