BroaMan Routers are based around a very high capacity Super FPGA.
The Routers are configured and compiled to the application at hand.



The Routers are 100% protocol independent, it doesn’t matter what kind of data stream comes into the router or at which data rate. The routers do not influence or convert the signal, meaning that on the same router one channel can be 3G-SDI, the next one can be MADI, the third one can be Gigabit Ethernet link for file transfers and the fourth can be Optocore.

BroaMan offers different routing modes:

Automatic Router – a unique system approach which makes even the most complex and multi-studio production easy and fast to prepare. Automatic Router system is built around a central Router, which offers multiple fiber connection points to intelligent mobile stageboxes. When stagebox is connected to the connection point the router automatically recognizes which stagebox is connected and routes predefined video and audio signals which are assigned to this stagebox. There is no manual routing required. To change the patch on the connection point the user needs to simply plug in a different stagebox.

3rd party controller – BroaMan router can be controlled from any 3rd party control software or hardware platform (like VSM)

Optocore Control Software – monitors and routes video and audio I/O

All of the listed options are application dependent. The BroaMan Application Engineering team is happy to assist you with the design.

Devices offering Routing: Mux221, Route66
1 Mux22 can be used to create redundant ring topology with MicroRoute module that enables intelligent video multiple drop-off distribution.